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18. December 2023

Water: Elixir of life and of apples - Innovative solutions, for sustainable agriculture (part 3)

Smart Land A resource-saving, sustainable approach to nature is one of the most significant challenges facing agriculture in the future. In order to meet the challenge head on, South Tyrolean...
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29. September 2023

Water: Elixir of life and of apples - A resource-saving approach to water (part 2)

Regulate water consumption National regulations in Italy have already stipulated that farmers must log rainfall and irrigation quantities in a company folder. As affirmed by the South Tyrolean...
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21. July 2023

Water: Elixir of life and of apples - Water availability & quality (part 1)

A thirst-quenching apple thrives on clean water From heatwaves to frost, watering at exactly the right moment has saved many an apple harvest. In the future as in the present, water will...
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26. January 2023

Pneumatic defoliation - Does it make commercial sense? (part 3)

Costs and time required The costs of pneumatic defoliation vary depending on whether such work is outsourced to a service provider or the fruit grower has a pneumatic defoliator of his/her own....
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01. December 2022

Pneumatic defoliation - Equipment and machinery (part 2)

The equipment carrier Depending on the manufacturer, one or more equipment carrier variants can be employed. In practice, the best solution has been flexible equipment carriers that can easily...
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21. September 2022

Pneumatic defoliation - Change in fruit growth (part 1)

In order to intensify the body colouring of medium- and late-ripening apple varieties, pneumatic defoliation is increasingly being carried out before harvesting, especially in valley floor areas....
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15. February 2022

Growing three types of fruit – three unique stories

We have been planting – and harvesting – apple and other fruit orchards for more than 25 years. During this time, our company has successfully branched out, and grown different types of...
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26. October 2021

A balancing act between nature and the economy

The economy and nature today – what sort of changes can we expect in the future? Economics – the branch of knowledge concerned with the production of wealth Traditionally, the aim...
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15. April 2021

Apple Sales in Corona Times 

During the nationwide lockdown of spring 2020, demand for apples soared by 20 to 30%. Although consumers had been assured that the coronavirus crisis would not lead to food shortages, purchases...
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03. July 2020

Samurai wasp to combat the brown marmorated stink bug

In recent years the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) has spread to many parts of Europe. Originally from Asia, since 2016 the bug has been present in South Tyrol, where it has caused...
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08. May 2020

Enhancing the quality with regulating fruit crops in spring

Fertilisation through cross-pollination  In order to enhance the quality and quantity of fruit, cross-pollination by pollinating insects is highly recommended. No other cultivation...
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13. March 2020

Eating apples cures birch pollen allergies

In the AppleCare project, a research team led by the Laimburg Research Centre developed a natural treatment to cure birch pollen allergies.  “An apple a day keeps the doctor...
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17. February 2020

Smart Farming – Agriculture 4.0 - Part II

A glimpse into the future Amongst companies concerned, the most commonly-held stratagem is to integrate new technology into old business models, with the hope of improving these models through...
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16. January 2020

Smart Farming – Agriculture 4.0 - Part II

On the risks of new technology Like it or not, the topic of digitalisation is one which we must address: From many perspectives it offers real opportunities in agriculture; at the same time,...
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09. December 2019

Smart Farming – Agriculture 4.0 - Part I

On the opportunities of new technology The fourth industrial revolution is changing the game in the food and agriculture industry: With smart harvesters, self-driving tractors and sensors to...
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06. November 2019

How to identify and control the brown marmorated stink bug

Stink bugs are common to almost every part of the world, and are members of the arthropoda phylum. To date there are around 40,000 species known to man, of which over 1,000 species live in Central...
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09. October 2019

Making apple cultivation more sustainable

There’s no doubt that one of the greatest challenges of our times is climate change. For a producer of foodstuffs, a responsible approach towards nature should be an integral part of a...
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27. August 2019

5 good reasons to eat an apple a day

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away… We’d like to share 5 good reasons why you should always heed the proverb. 1. Good health “to go” Nowadays, with...
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24. July 2019

The apple – Nature’s Beautician

Apples aren’t just good for you: They make you look good, too. Long-famed for their healthy, nourishing qualities, the fruit of paradise is much more than just a healthy snack –...
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28. June 2019

The apple: History and tales

For centuries on end, the apple was a seen as a symbol of wealth, seduction and power; Little surprise, then, that the apple is central to many tales: The forbidden fruit of Paradise, the prize for...
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23. May 2019

Effects of climate change on fruit cultivation

The Earth’s climate has changed time and time again throughout the course of history; Alternations between hot and cold periods have always occurred, but these changes have been due to...
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12. March 2019

Higher yields from apple trees

The main aim in fruit growing is to achieve regular, high yields of high-quality fruit, and to ensure rapidity of production. Another factor which is of great importance to the farmer is the...
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29. January 2019

The right apple variety

New varieties: are standard apple varieties no longer of interest? The Trentino-South Tyrol region produces more than 60% of the apples harvested in Italy. Both provinces are home to research...
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05. September 2018

INTERPOMA 2018: focus on innovation

The Interpoma in Bolzano (South Tyrol / Italy) is the only international trade fair on apple. From November 15 to 17, Bolzano will once again become the apple capital of the world, as more than...
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02. August 2018

No apples without bees

Bees and other insects that pollinate blossoms are indispensable for fruit and vegetable growing. In recent years, however, reductions in bee populations have increasingly been observed in...
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22. June 2018

Red or Green Apples?

The question of "red apples vs green" divides many. Those on the green apple train love the crispy tartness and thicker skin. While red apple fans appreciate the sweetness and juiciness....
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02. May 2018

Can apples cure allergies?

Eating apples may offer an alternative approach to allergies, according to researchers at the Laimburg Research Centre. Together with other scientific partners they are now investigating this...
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11. April 2018

Galant Lumaga – the scab-resistant variety

Unfortunately this article is only available in german and italian. Thank you for your understanding.
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