27. August 2019

5 good reasons to eat an apple a day

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away… We’d like to share 5 good reasons why you should always heed the proverb.

1. Good health “to go”

Nowadays, with diet-related illnesses escalating at a rapid pace, the health-promoting properties of apples has placed them firmly on our list of nutritional necessities. Over the past few years, a plethora of health-giving substances have been discovered in this much-loved fruit: It contains more than 20 minerals and trace elements, over 300 organic substances including organic acids which, amongst other functions, help the liver to detoxify the body. 

2. Natural remedy

Freshly-picked apples have a high concentration of vitamin C. Eating apples regularly, then, can help to prevent flu infections. Apples can also help to cure fevers, bronchitis and even gout, while recent medical research has concluded that people who eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis are less prone to heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C, together with countless vegetable pigments including flavonoids and carotenoids, protect the body’s cells and prevent cancer. Quercetin in particular prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and has been proven to lower the risk of bowel cancer. Apples, then, can be of enormous assistance in a number of illnesses and health complaints and in some cases including, for example, nerve inflammation and arthrosis, can help keep long-term medication to a minimum or even replace it entirely.

3. Keeps hunger pangs at bay

The pectin content in apples promotes digestion and lowers cholesterol levels. Its fibre content gives a rapid sense of fullness, leading to fewer hunger pangs. Research carried out by Austrian physician Prof. Dr. Josef Jagic illustrates that eating an apple first thing in the morning is the best way to lower high blood pressure as its minerals and phytochemicals flush out excess water and salt from the body. At the other end of the day, eating an apple as a “bedtime treat” promotes a deep, relaxing sleep. American doctor Prof. Dr. Ancel Keys demonstrated that the reason for this is that the fruit ensures an even distribution of blood sugar during the night.

4. Nature’s beautician

With their high vitamin and flavonoid content, apples are an outstanding beauty product. They have the same pH as the skin and, as such, are ideal for beauty applications. Apples truly come into their own when it comes to anti-ageing remedies and treatments for skin impurities. And finally, a regular apple and apple vinegar hair mask will give you silky-soft, shining locks.

5. Symbol of power

In nutrition, apples are considered to be a symbol of health, eternal youth and immortality. They are a recurring theme in pagan legends, Bible stories and folk tales as a symbol of seduction and femininity. In Eurasian cultures, the apple is also a symbol of love, sexuality, fertility life, knowledge, decision and wealth.

South Tyrol, apple paradise

The apple from South Tyrol is the star of healthy snacks: When you’re out hiking, biking or sailing, they are the perfect on-the-go energy booster. Apples from South Tyrol stand out for their colour, smell, taste and crunchiness, characteristics fostered by the unique climate and terrain: With over 300 days and 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, minimal rainfall, and a Mediterranean climate at 200 to 1,100 metres above sea level, South Tyrol truly is an honest-to-goodness apple paradise.


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