The Nursery for the Best Apple Trees

The latest varieties and best clones from the South Tyrolean nursery

The Gruber Genetti Nursery has been the epitome of supremely high quality apple tree propagation since 1991.

At our production site in Roverchiara (Province of Verona), we work on more than 200 ha of nursery land. This provides us with a yearly production of over 2 million apple trees. We can therefore supply saplings to a large number of customers nationally and internationally. Thanks to constant research, innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to produce high quality trees of the best clones. This is because strong saplings reach their full crop more quickly, therefore increasing sales.

Company headquarters in Lana

Service and Advice for Your Success

Production, sales and logistics are managed from our company headquarters in Lana (South Tyrol). Our service-orientated team will ensure smooth work processes, standing by with advice and help at any time.

We are happy to help our customers with advice concerning type of tree, location and growth. We have gained the required knowledge for this from many years of experience with our own apple cultivation: In addition to the Gruber Genetti Nursery, we also produce our own apples in South Tyrol (20 ha) and in Verona (45 ha).

You, too, can “sew the seed” for your successful apple cultivation with our quality trees!

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