SQ159 Magic Star



The Gruber Genetti Nursery has its company headquarters in Lana, South Tyrol. Our production site and our mothergardens are located in Roverchiara, Province of Verona. Thanks to our central position in Northern Italy, we can quickly reach and supply our customers.

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Magical taste sensation

SQ159 Magic star is a scab-resistant variety and convinces with an excellent eating quality: sweet, aromatic and crunchy, with a good shelf life and unusually good storability. It has a red to dark red cover colour, the colouring is 70-90% with very slight russeting.

Cross between Elise and a scab-resistant selection
Licence: Fresh Forward (NL)

Weak to moderate growth, light branching and therefore open tree structure, little susceptible to canker and mildew

Equal to or just after Braeburn, picking twice is recommended

Comment: Owing to the central marketing of the club variety, we can only deliver to customers who are members of a producer organisation that has signed a contract with the variety owner (EFC).

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