Nursery Gruber Genetti

Nursery Gruber Genetti Italy, South Tyrol apple tree breeds
Nursery Gruber Genetti increases production of ypur apple orchards

The nursery Gruber Genetti Andreas has its roots in Roverchiara (VR) in Italy since 1988 and works approximately 220 hectares of tree nursery ground.
With an annual production of approximately 2 millions apple trees we are able to deliver a huge amount of clients in Italy and abroad with high quality trees, which is the base for success in apple cultivation.

Besides the nursery we also work 20 hectares of apple orchards in South Tyrol and 10 hectares in Verona. Through the experience that we achieved in this sector over the years, we are able to supply our clients not only with the best of our products, but also with the best know-how in order for them to be successful.


Our committed and expert team makes it possible to guarantee our high quality products combined with competent service. Modern technology, high quality standards and years of field experience makes us the ideal partner to optimize production and business volume.