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A completely normal farming family

The Mair Family lives in an apple orchard in an idyllic little village, right in the heart of South Tyrol. There are three generations sharing this spacious farm. A few years ago, Peter and his wife took over the farm from his father Luis. Every now and then, he even listens to his father’s advice. After all, not everything is wrong that used to work well in the past.

Farmer Peter

Peter is 35 years old and a practical, calm person. He always finds a solution to problems, he likes improvising and exploring new directions. However, he does not lose sight of knowledge from the past. He enjoys spending his spare time with family and friends, in the mountains or at village fêtes. Unfortunately, Peter is also quite chaotic, which regularly drives his wife Anna wild. 

Farmer Anna

Anna is a young farmer who is kept on her toes by her family. In addition to the farm and household, she also looks after the family’s finances. She enjoys trying new things: She currently attends a Zumba class.


Anton is full of mischief and he likes to roam around and climb trees. Together with Granddad Luis, he enjoys devising traps and practical jokes, though his mother doesn’t usually find them very funny. Many of the plans of these two also go wrong ensuring that perfect chaos ensues. Dad Peter can only secretly have a little grin about this. 


Anton is always accompanied by Mela who guards the youngest of the family. The loyal dog also sometimes has to get help when Moritz is in trouble again. Mela obeys every word - but only those spoken by Anton.

Granddad Luis

Luis is the senior farmer who likes to hold on to old work processes. He is a sociable kind of person who enjoys the card game Watten and getting drunk every now and then. Not something either his daughter-in-law or wife like very much. He likes to give advice to the young people, even though some of it harms more than it helps. He loves his grandson more than anything, and they share a particular passion for pranks. This lets Granddad Luis feel young again!

Grandma Erna

And last but not least, there is Grandma Erna. The grumpy farmer only rarely speaks but then gets to the heart of it. In general, people assume that Erna is hard of hearing. But daughter-in-law Anna is not sure at all about this.

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