Redlove – cider and apple juice from apples with red flesh

Redlove apples with red flesh are perfect for further processing. We refine these extraordinary fruits into two special products: a sparkling cider and a very slightly sour apple juice.

The apples for our products all come from our own integrated apple orchard in Roverchiara, (Province of Verona, Italy). 
The Redlove is hand-picked at the right ripening stage. Our products are exclusively made from fruit, without any kind of flavourings, colourings or additives.

Our Redlove Cider and Redlove Apple Juice are available directly from us. For orders, please contact us at +39 0473 56 80 04 or at

Our Redlove-products

Our Redlove Apple Juice has a pink/dark pink colour and is therefore exotic among apple juices. Its flavour is particularly special: sweet and sour at the same time, it's refreshing and will win you over with its long-lasting aroma.

Our dried Redlove Apple Rings - A refreshing snack with light acidity. They are made from ripe and hand-picked fruits, gently processed and dried. This preserves the natural color and valuable ingredients.

Redlove Cider - the slightly alcoholic summer drink

Cider originates from England; but now it has also developed into a trendy drink in the rest of Europe.

Our Redlove Cider is a refreshing, sparkling drink with a low alcohol content. It's refreshing, light, fruity and delicious - chill it for extra enjoyment on hot summer days.

The fresh apple

The red meat Redlove is a highlight for every extravagant kitchen. With its sour note, it promises special culinary delights with versatile variations. Very suitable for the restaurant and catering. Try it!

Culinary delight with Redlove

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