Our "La Ciliegina" Cherry Orchard

In addition to our nursery and to growing apples, we have also been producing top quality cherries for some years. 

The production site of our "La Ciliegina" Cherry Orchard is located in Bonavigo, in the Southeast of Verona, encompassing a linked cultivation area of about 48 ha. The Bonavigo location was chosen because it has the perfect climate conditions so the cherries can ripen early, and there is an above average amount of water for the valuable irrigation of the high quality trees.

Cultivation of the cherries takes place in the orchards using the intensive and progressive Drapeau cultivation system. Modified by Swiss Beat Lehner, this French cultivation system stipulates that the cherry trees are planted at a slope of 45°. The distance between the plants in the rows is 2 metres, the rows run parallel to each other at a distance of 3.8 metres. This system has the advantage that these cherry trees with strong growth can reach up to eight metres.

Would you like to find out more about our cherry orchard? Please contact Pietro Michele Santini, our Company Director:

Tel. +39 345 920 2658


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